Need window glass repair on your Portland Oregon home?

When the neighborhood kids hit a baseball through your window, we'll get it fixed fast.

Window Repair Seattle

No matter how your window was broken, Sierra Glass has experienced glaziers who can repair all types of windows-single or double-pane, vinyl, aluminum, insulated or low-e energy efficient windows.

Portland window repair

If only the glass was broken, you don’t have to worry that the entire window and frame needs to be replaced as the glass can be replaced for a fraction of the cost of the entire unit.

Even if the window is a insulated glass unit (IGU), we have the expertise to replace the glass and it'll take less time then replacing the unit.

With our shop located in Hillsboro, the team at Sierra Glass travels throughout the Portland Oregon metro area making window glass repairs on homes and commercial buildings. We pride ourselves on offering affordable, fast friendly service to everyone.

“Thank you for having your technician come back today. He did a great job and I appreciate his work and friendliness to complete the work.

He has great customer service skills and is a good representative for your company. I will definitely use your company again when I need more window repair.”

- Linda

Have double-paned windows that are foggy?Portland Oregon window restoration

Insulated glass unit window replacement is affordable

If you have double-pane insulated windows in your Hillsboro, Beaverton or Portland home that are foggy or have condensation between the panes, call the glass experts at Sierra Glass for your free estimate on window restoration.

95% of the time, we’re able to fix insulated windows for much less than replacing the entire unit.

Our customers are happy when they see the results and even happier about the low cost since they thought their only option was buying a new window. It doesn’t matter if the window frame is wood, aluminum or vinyl, we’re usually able to replace the insulated glass unit without replacing the entire window frame.

FYI-Double-pane windows are also called insulated glass units or IGU's, dual-pane or simply insulated windows.

Free estimates on residential and commercial window repair

Contact us today to schedule a free estimate for your window repair or restoration. We’ll come to your home or business at your convenience to write up a quote. Known for our fast affordable service, all work is done by our experienced employees.

Save money by repairing insulated windowsPortland insulated glass window repair

Foggy windows don’t just look bad, they can cost you money. Why? The condensation buildup in your window means the seal between the 2 panes has been broken so the window loses its insulating properties.

You see, the 2 panes are separated by a sealed air space to keep out the heat and cold but when the seal is broken, the temperature transfer happens much faster.

For higher efficiency and increased savings, we can use low-e glass in the replacement. Plus, many homeowners prefer low-e glass for its glare reduction. To learn more about low-e glass, visit our Windows page.

10-year warranty on insulated units

Our standard dual seal insulated units come with a 10-year warranty (call store for details) with all work done by Sierra Glass employees. From the estimate to removal of the failed unit to installing the new insulated glass unit, our employees have many years of experience working on all types of windows so you can be assured the entire process will go smoothly and the installation will be done right.

Fast and dependable sliding glass door repair

Sliding glass door been causing you problems? Maybe it doesn’t slide as easily as it use to or the lock is broken?

Sliding Glass Door repair

Our technicians can often replace the broken part (or parts) without having to replace the entire sliding door. If you were worried about the cost of replacing the door, don’t be as replacing the broken or worn parts will be less money than replacement of the entire unit.

The tracks, locks, handles or patio door wheels are standard parts so we can usually make the repair the same day as we keep common parts in stock. Our staff has worked on all types of sliding doors and if we don’t have the needed part(s) on hand, we’ll get them and have your door fixed as soon as possible.

Portland window repair

  • Single pane
  • Vinyl or aluminum
  • Patio doors
  • Low-e or energy efficient
  • Sliding glass doors and windows
  • Tempered, laminated or insulated double-pane
Vinyl window Repair

Vinyl window repair

Besides replacing cracked or broken glass, we can also repair other parts of your windows, such as a broken sash interlock or damage to the window frame itself.

With most problems on vinyl windows, we can usually repair or replace the part so you can avoid having to buy the entire window.

If damage to the window unit is extensive and beyond repair, we can order a new vinyl window and have it installed in a short time.

Just know we will always be upfront and honest with you about the cost of repair vs. cost of replacing the unit and whenever possible, repair is our first option.

“Thank you so much for the excellent job fixing the windows! I've been hoping to get that fixed for a long time. I appreciate all you did. I'll definitely refer you to my friends and neighbors!”

- Katy W.

Collecting blankets for those in need

Sierra Glass

Sierra Glass is collecting blankets for those in need so bring a new blanket to our store and receive 10% off your entire bill. All blankets will be donated to local charities and homeless shelters. You're welcome to donate as many new blankets as you'd like though the discount you receive remains the same (10%).

“Thanks for the quick work this week to come out, quote and install in the same week. Appreciate it. Mother-in-law happy with it too. Wish we had that kind of service in CA where we live! Very nice...”

- Steve L.

Portland commercial window repair

If you’ve ever arrived at work to find a broken window, you’ll appreciate the affordable service from Sierra Glass.

From repairing storefront entry doors to replacing push/pull hardware, our experienced glaziers had been fixing commercial glass since 1974.