Install energy efficient windows in your Portland home

Save money by installing new windows in your home or commercial building.

Portland windows

If you have old aluminum or failing windows, you can save money and energy by installing new vinyl windows. Whether you need new installation or you’re retrofitting your home or building, Sierra Glass has the know-how and skills to complete the job.

Located in Hillsboro, we service Tigard, Tualatin, Beaverton, Forest Grove and the rest of the Portland area. We even travel and often provide service to the Oregon coast from Seaside to Lincoln City.

Authorized Cascade Window dealer

Cascade Windows Sierra GlassNew windows are a big investment which is why Sierra Glass only wants to install the highest quality windows in your home or business. For over 20 years, Cascade Windows has been manufacturing premium windows and doors designed for year-round comfort while offering both style and energy efficiency.

The WinPro Window Series from Cascade is the most popular with our customers. With a contemporary look, dependable performance and energy efficiency, they are a tremendous value and smart choice for our climate.

You'll love these Cascade Window featuresWindow products

Available in 3 interior vinyl colors and 13 exterior paint colors ranging from light neutral options to darker shades, you can select the color to match your home.

  • Color matched hardware for a unified appearance
  • Durable vinyl frame never needs painting
  • Choose from many internal grid styles like pencil, slimline or euro varieties
  • Low-e glass delivers superior year-round energy saving performance
  • Heat Reflective Coatings include EC, EC+ and EC Advanced combinations
  • Warm Edge Spacer with dual weather stripping reduces condensation and heat/loss gain through glass

We can special order any size or shaped window for your home or business so custom windows are no problem. In addition to multiple style and unit combinations, Cascade offers a range of glass, hardware and grid patterns so you have plenty from which to choose.

“I called around to literally every glass shop in Portland and was truly blown away by Sierra Glass and how they conduct their business. I ordered a large piece of glass for our shower, a mirror, and frosted glass for LED lighting. Everyone I spoke to there was incredibly nice, polite and helpful. They had the best prices in town BY FAR - nearly half the price of some other local glass shops!

I spoke mostly to an awesome man named Vince who truly went above and beyond to make sure all my orders were ready in a timely manner. He was a fantastic communicator and made the whole experience super easy. They have gained a loyal customer for life with me, and I'll be recommending then to all my friends and family. I love Sierra Glass!”

- Lindsey C.

Low-E glass windows

What is Low-E glass?

Low-e stands for low emittance.  All surfaces reflect, absorb and transmit heat energy or radiant heat to varying degrees.

Low-e glass was created to minimize the amount of UV (ultraviolet) and infrared light that passes through it while still allowing visible light through.

Why are Low-e windows popular?

Because they start paying for themselves immediately! Plus, they increase your comfort level. For example,you won’t get so hot when sitting by the window on a sunny day.

In addition, they prevents harmful UV rays from entering your home, which protects your window coverings, furniture and flooring from sun fading.

Low-E glass windows

How does Low-e glass work?

Low-e glass has a transparent coating that’s microscopically thin (much thinner than human hair), which reduces the amount of heat transferred through it.

Thus, a low-e surface emits low levels of radiant heat meaning less heat is transferred through the window.

Save money year-round

In summer, Low-E glass reduces your cooling bills by blocking the sun’s radiant heat from entering your home.

In winter, Low-E glass lets the sun’s solar heat enter your home while keeping the heat inside the house from escaping and that results in smaller heating bills for you.

What are your window options?

Cascade window lines offers a variety of styles and features so whether you need single hung, sliders or a bay window, we can find the right configuration for you.

  • Slider
  • Single-hung
  • Casement
  • Awning
  • Picture
  • Specialty and custom orders

All Cascade windows can be ordered to meet or exceed Energy Star ® requirements.

Free estimate for replacement windows

If you’ve been concerned about the cost of replacement windows, contact us today to schedule your free in-home estimate. We’ll come to your Portland area home or business to explain the process and your options.

We’ll ask all the right questions to help narrow down what windows will work best while delivering the best value.

Our service makes the difference

While any company can install a window, Sierra Glass makes the process simple.

Our attention to detail while taking measurements minimizes the chance for problems during installation.

We’ll schedule the actual replacement when it’s convenient for you and do everything we can to complete the job as quickly as possible without sacrificing our exceptional service.

Cascade Residential Windows

Energy Star ® Windows

Energy StarEnergy Star ® is a program developed by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) in 1992 to identify and promote products which are energy efficient.

Energy efficient products not only save you money but they help the environment by using less energy. Imagine how much energy could be saved if everyone started using Energy Star ® products?

Collecting blankets for those in need

Sierra Glass

Sierra Glass is collecting blankets for those in need so bring a new blanket to our store and receive 10% off your entire bill. All blankets will be donated to local charities and homeless shelters. You're welcome to donate as many new blankets as you'd like though the discount you receive remains the same (10%).