Portland Oregon Dog Doors

Give your dog or cat the freedom of being able to go outside any time by installing a pet door in your home. Sierra Glass is proud to announce we are now an authorized dealer for Security Boss Dog Doors and ready to install a pet door in your Portland Oregon home.

Sierra Glass

Looking for a pet door that's rugged and looks good?

Sierra Glass installs pet doors from Security Boss, the leading manufacturer of high performance doggie doors that are build to withstand years of use and come in many colors to match your home. Our most popular model is the MaxSeal in-the-glass dog door as it can be installed in sliding glass doors and French doors.

These high quality doors offer a Limited Lifetime warranty (call store for details) and their rugged construction can withstand the constant use of one or multiple pets. No other doggie door on the market offers the same level of security with an insulating seal.

If you need a pet door installed in a wooden door, Sierra has got you covered there as well. We have models available in multiple sizes so whether you have a little Yorkie or a golden retriever, we have the right size door so your dog can go outside when needed.

“We wanted to let you know how happy we are with our new sliding door with the dog door built in. We used to have the pet panel for sliding doors so not only did we have the smaller opening to walk through but when the east winds blew, the dog door blew open and let all the cold air in.

Now, with the new door you installed, we have the full opening of our door back. The dog door itself is a lot sturdier and when the east winds blows, the door actually stays closed, saving us heat! On the plus side, the appearance of the door is so much nicer.

Thank you so much for your customer service. It was great at the beginning and clear through to the installation.”

- Debbie F. Newberg, OR

You'll love the convenience of a sliding glass dog door

Security Boss sliding glass dog doors (sometimes called "in the glass" pet doors) are specially designed with a low profile exterior to allow your sliding door to glide past the pet door once installed. These doors are designed so they can be maintained forever in their high performance condition.

Some other dog doors can blow open during windy weather and that can present problems with our winter storms that often include high winds. Plus, you lose a lot of heat if your doggie door blows open, not to mention that it's not very secure.

Pet Door PortlandThe installation of your pet door through glass can be reversed in the future so if you decide to move, simply ask your Sierra Glass professional to remove your pet door and put back the original glass panel in the door.

The "pet door through glass" can then be re-installed in your new home so your dog and/or cat has the freedom to go out when needed.

It's easy to see why this in-the-glass pet door is our most popular model so contact us today to schedule your free estimate.

Security Boss® MaxSeal pet doors optionsSierra Glass Dog Door Installation

  • Many colors-variety of white, tan, brown, gray or black
  • 10 sizes ranging from 6” wide x7.5” tall to 15 ¾” x 32”
  • Single or dual flap
  • Security panel (optional) comes in black or white
  • Custom sized doors can be special ordered

Schedule your free estimate with Vince

He’ll come to your home to talk about placement of your doggie door and take complete measurements so your dog (or cat) will have the right sized door so they can come and go without any problems.

Did you know there’s a sliding screen pet door?Dog Doors Portland

During warm weather it's nice to have your sliding glass door open and your screen closed but what about your pets?  The Pet Screen Door was designed to work with your sliding screen door. 

  • Textilene Pet Super Screen-resistant to scratches and tears
  • Dense pile brush weather stripping keeps bugs and flies out
  • Internal magnets for silent closure and hold
  • Optional brace bar for added stability
  • Available in 4 sizes

With a low profile, you’ll still be open to open and close the slider’s screen door without any issues of it coming into contact with the glass sliding door.  Depending on how your slider opens, the pet door is installed in the bottom left or right corner of the screen door.

Security Boss MaxSeal Pet Doors | Authorized Dealer

MaxSeal In-the-Glass Pet Doors

Premium Pet Doors by Security Boss

Security Boss Manufacturing, LLC is the leading manufacturer of high performance pet doors.

The MaxSeal line is available in several models that range from installation into doors to specialty models for French doors and In-the-Glass.

Maintainable forever, these doors feature a limited lifetime warranty and are designed for optimum performance. No other pet door offers the same level of insulating seal and security.

Every MaxSeal petdoor includes a protective rain guard at no cost though the rain guards are not covered under the manufacturer's warranty.

Rain guards and other component pieces are designed to be replaceable (when needed) through normal use.

Sierra Glass Dog Door Installation

In-the-glass pet screen doors

Security Boss pet screen doors are a great companion product for In-the-Glass pet doors. These screen doors allow pet owners to provide access for their pet in any kind of weather, which is important for people living in Portland.

The screen doors are constructed from rugged aluminum framing with a tough "scratch resistant" pet screen and can be maintained indefinitely.

Doggie Door Installation
Security Boss MaxSeal & Screen Pet Door Warranty

The Security Boss Manufacturing LLC guarantees the original purchaser of our MaxSeal Pet Doors and Security Boss Pet Screendoors a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

It covers the exterior and interior frame assemblies, security panels and tunnels to be free of defects in material and workmanship under normal use and service for the lifetime of this product.

The warranty is not transferable so it applies only to the original purchaser. Damage caused by accident, improper installation or abuse (including damage caused by pets) is specifically excluded from this warranty.

Proof of purchase date is needed for any returned item and manufacturer's liability on any claim shall not exceed the cost of the product or component piece replacement cost. For further details, call Sierra Glass.