Help With Winter Projects In Your Portland Oregon Home

Portland Home Winter ProjectsIt’s probably safe to say that every Portland homeowner has a list of home improvement projects they’ve been putting off for a while.

Maybe it’s replacing that outdated frosted glass from the 70s by the front door (you know what we’re talking about) or the shower door that’s seen better days.

Whatever it is, Sierra Glass can help with all home projects involving windows, mirrors, shower enclosures, pet doors or most glass-related items at an affordable price.

Have you checked your windows lately?

With our wicked winter storms, your first priority should be inspecting your windows.  Any windows with cracked or broken glass need to be replaced immediately as water damage can greatly increase the cost of repairing the window.

Our skilled glaziers can repair or replace almost any part on a window or sliding glass door, such as fixing tracks, handles, locks or patio sliding door wheels.  If we don’t have the part in stock, we can order it.

We also repair and replace windows on RVs, campers and boat so before you put yours in storage for the winter, have any broken glass fixed so you’ll be ready for next year.

Repair Portland House Windows

Insulated glass unit replacement

A common problem is double-pane windows that fog up or get condensation between the 2 pieces of glass.

Many people live with this because they think they have to replace the entire window (which is expensive) but we can replace just the glass for a fraction of the cost.

In addition, homeowners often don’t realize that the broken seal is costing them money.  How?  When the seal is broken, the window loses its insulating properties and heat is lost through the window.

As a result, you’ll pay more for heating your home.  Visit our Window Repair page on our website to learn more about IGU repair.

Energy efficient windows can save your money

If you have aluminum or single-pane windows and have been debating about whether to replace them with more energy efficient ones, you’ll be happy to know that you have many options.  There’s double and triple-pane windows with a variety of low-e glass to save money on heating and cooling costs for your home.

Knowing the cost of window replacement can help you decide if it’s something you can afford now or maybe you want to replace your windows over a few years to spread out the cost.  Visit our Window Retrofitting page to learn more.

Vince is the owner of Sierra Glass as well as our estimator and resident window professional.  He understands homeowners have budgets to consider so he’ll answer your questions and give his professional recommendation.

Glass Shower Enclosure

Our specialty is shower enclosures and doors

Our custom-made shower enclosures and doors start with a free estimate and professional measurements to ensure a proper fit.

There’s 3 types of enclosures and doors to fit any budget and match all decor.  We have listed them starting with the most expensive.

  • Frameless shower door (3/8” and ½”)
  • Partial frameless & by-pass doors (3/16” and ¼”)
  • Framed hinged & by-pass doors (3/16” and ¼”)

All shower doors are made from tempered glass and you can select hardware from a wide range of finishes to match existing fixtures .

Your price includes installation by our field guys who are skilled glaziers.  Visit our Shower Door page for more information.

Luna lighted mirrors

Once you have your new shower door or enclosure, the perfect accent to finish your bathroom is a Fleurco Luna lighted mirror.  These contemporary mirrors comes in a variety of sizes and features a LED lighted band.

Fleurco Luna lighted mirror

The Halo has lighting around the entire perimeter while the Sunrize has 2 lighted columns on each size.  Both models have a defogger pad and depending on the size, some have 2 defogger pads to fit a double sink vanity.

The Dione comes in many sizes and is a wardrobe mirror so it can be used in your closet, bathroom or bedroom.  Visit our Lighted Mirror page  to learn more.

Free estimates

When cold or stormy weather keeps you inside, use that time for home improvements and contact Sierra Glass for your free estimate. It’ll feel good to mark one more thing off your list.  Part 2 of this post discusses glass and mirror replacement for your home.

Oct 15, 2018