Window Replacement For Your Portland Home

In previous posts, we’ve talked about what you need to know when replacing windows and how to determine IF you need to replace the windows in your Portland home.

Today, we’ll discuss your options for window replacement and questions to ask when getting estimates.

Options for window replacement

  • Window Replacement PortlandRetro-fitting
  • Full frame replacement

Retro-fitting is more common.  Most likely because it involves less labor, which means it can be completed quicker while costing less.

Retro-fitting windows is popular

Retro-fit windows are also referred to as inserts because the new window fits inside the existing window frame.  The stops and sashes are removed from the old window and the molding around the window stays in place (both on the inside and outside).

Please note:  Inserts are NOT an option if the existing window frame is not in good condition, rotting or not square. 

Inserts are easier and faster to install as there is less labor involved, which makes retro-fitting more attractive to homeowners. New windows are custom built to fit the openings and match the angle of the existing frame.

Full-frame replacements

A full frame replacement means the entire window and frame is removed and a new one installed.

Portland Window Replacement

This option takes longer and is more difficult.  The existing trim (inside and out) needs to be removed and replaced and the window has to be re-frame to make it weather tight.

The advantage is that you can change the size to install bigger windows or change the style.  FYI-for casement and slider windows, you usually need to full-frame replacement.

Plus, with the window frame removed, it allows the installer to better insulate the area surrounding the window, which decreases energy loss. After all, if you’re investing in new windows, you want them to be as energy efficient as possible, don’t you?

Which option is right for you?

When you call Sierra Glass for an estimate, Vince will do a thorough exam of your windows.  You should know that while Sierra Glass specializes in retro-fitting, Vince always gives his professional recommendation as to which option is best for you.

Questions to ask window estimator

  • How long will the project take?
  • Will your work be factory authorized (in case something goes wrong)?
  • Who does the actual work-company employees or subcontractors?
  • What kind of warranty is included?

Sierra Glass gives detailed written estimates so that you know exactly what you are getting for your money as well as explaining what’s going to happen during your window replacement.

We focus on making the entire process as easy and stress-free as possible. If you’re not sure if window replacement is right for you, contact us to schedule your free estimate.

Oct 10, 2018