Enjoy Summer More With A Slider Screen Pet Door

Summer is coming to the Portland Oregon area (finally) and you know what that means-open doors and windows.  But what about your dogs and cats?  Their pet door won’t work with the door open and the screen door closed but don’t worry, Sierra Glass has the answer.

Security Boss has designed a pet door made to fit the screen on your sliding glass door.Dog door

Now you can have your door open and screen closed to allow fresh air in to cool your home without letting in flies and bugs.

If you’ve never had a pet door for your dog (or cat) then you may be surprised at how much you like it and will probably wonder why you didn’t install one sooner.

3 reasons to install a sliding screen pet door

  • Convenience-Pets can go in/out as needed
  • Keep house cool with doors/windows open
  • Bugs and flies stay outside where they belong

How does the screen doggie door work?

This model has a low profile so that you can still operate your sliding glass door without any problems.  It installs in the bottom left or right side of your screen door (depending on which way your door opens.  The pet door does not lock though you can simply close your slider to secure your house.

Portland Dog Doors

Installation note-If the spline for your sliding screen door is on the interior, it will need to be changed so that the spline is on the exterior side of the door.

Don’t worry-this can easily be modified by Sierra Glass so it’s not a problem at all.

An optional brace bar can be installed that provides additional support for the door to make it more stable.  This is a good idea for the larger pet doors and/or if your screen door is of a larger size.

If you’re wondering whether or not it’s needed, we’ll give you our professional recommendation when we come to your home to do your free estimate.

4 sizes to fit all dogs

1. Medium (7”w x 9”h)In the screen pet door

2. Large (11”w x 16”h)

3. Extra Large (15”w x 24”h)

4. Tall Extra Large (14”w x 27”h)

Features of Security Boss screen pet doors

  • Swing part of door has internal hinges with a steel pivot pin combo
  • Heavy duty weather stripping along entire opening
  • Internal magnets so it closes quietly and keeps door shut
  • Textilene Pet Super Screen resists tears and scratches
  • Optional brace bar for more stability (good for larger screens)
  • Models for bottom left or bottom right of screen door

Security Boss pet doors are built to last

Sierra Glass became an authorized dealer of Security Boss pet doors many years ago simply because they are the best built dog doors on the market today.  Dog doors get a lot of wear and tear so you want one that’s going to last and these do.

Here’s why so many Portlanders love their new doggie doors.

  • Best insulating design
  • Best sealing pet door
  • Unequaled security
  • Available in 10 colors and 10 sizes

You can read more about Security Boss pet doors on our website and if you want more specific details, read this past blog post.

Aug 24, 2017