Sierra Glass Can Help Portland Homeowners With Summertime Projects

Portland RV window repairWarm weather has arrived and the kids are out for the summer so that means taking some time off to enjoy the beautiful Pacific Northwest or doing those projects you’ve put off during the winter months.

While we can’t help you with all your projects, we can help you with most anything that’s glass related.

Glass services for your summer projects

  • Replacing windows-just the glass or entire unit
  • Custom shower doors-frameless, partial frameless & framed hinge
  • Repair or replace sliding glass doors-glass, tracks, handles, screen doors, etc.
  • Security Boss pet doors-many sizes/colors, in-the-glass pet door is most popular
  • Replace glass tabletops or desktops-clear, patterned, bronze or gray glass
  • Mirrors of all shapes and sizes
  • Cabinet or door glass-clear or custom patterns & colors
  • Custom glass shelves-many thicknesses & styles
  • Fireplace door glass replacement-Pyro-Ceram in stock
  • Custom mirrored closet doors
  • Window chip repair (done only at our store)

We’re also here for those unexpected repairs that pop up and do everything we can to offer fast and affordable service to fix them so there’s as little interruption in your life as possible.  We can pretty much do any custom window work so call us to schedule your free estimate.

Baseball through your window?

Replacing window glass is an easy fix and much less expensive than replacing the entire window, which is completely unnecessary when only the glass is broken and the rest of the window is fine.Broken glass in window

Even if it’s a double pane window or an older home with wooden window frames, it’s no problem as we can get fix it.

Our technicians have over 30 years of experience and have worked on all makes and models of windows.

RV and camper glass installation

Packing up to go camping and discover you have a cracked window? We can repair any flat glass on your RV or fifth wheel so before you hit the road, bring your camper into our retail location in Hillsboro.  Our techs can even fix those foggy windows or leaky seals around your windows so you can enjoy your camping trip without worry.

Boat window replacementPortland boat window repair

No matter the size of your boat, we can replace any broken or cracked glass in any windows or doors.

You can bring your boat to our store in Hillsboro or we can come to you for a measurement and estimate.

Please note-we don’t have the materials to replace curved glass but if you already have the replacement window, we can install it for you.

Houseboat window repair

Even if your home is a houseboat, we still got you covered as we repair most types of marine windows.  If you’re not sure if you need just the glass replaced or the entire unit, call to schedule your free estimate and we’ll walk you through the best option.

Don’t forget your pets

If you like to leave your sliding glass door open to let in the cool air, you may want to install an in-the-screen pet door so your pets can still go outside when needed.  It’s a low profile door so you can still open/close the slider without any problems.

It comes in 4 sizes to fit any dog or cat and since it’s from Security Boss, it’s build to last.  If you don’t have any pet doors in your home, we have many models from Security Boss to fit most any situations-sliding glass patio doors, French doors, through walls or any type door.

Visit our Pet Door page on our website for more details.

From a broken window due to storm damage or a rock chip in your windshield, we’ve got your glass needs covered.  Contact Sierra Glass for all your glass services.

May 3, 2017