Repair Windows In Portland Before Rainy Season Arrives

Portland Window RepairsFall is coming and that means the rainy season is right around the corner.  Now is the time for you to address any window-related problems that you put off during the summer.

Whether it’s a leak or condensation in an insulated glass unit, we’re here to tell you that problems don’t go away on their own.

In fact, they only get worse over time and that means more damage, which is usually more expensive to fix.

Foggy window experts

Don’t spend another winter staring out through foggy windows because you think it’ll cost too much to fix them.  The secret is, that in most cases, we can replace just the glass insulated unit, which costs significantly less than replacing the entire window.

In fact, it’s usually less than half the price so if you have several foggy windows, we can fix them all without costing you a fortune.  We can even install low-e glass that has energy saving properties and will reduce glare.

Repair saves money and energyFoggy Window in Portland Oregon home

An insulated window becomes foggy when condensation forms between the glass panes.  The cause is a broken seal, which compromises the insulation properties of the window.

During the winter months when the window SHOULD be keeping heat in your home, the broken seal allows heat to escape.  This wastes energy so if you needed another reason to fix your foggy windows, there it is.

Affordable window repair

Normal wear and tear on windows can cause a host of issues from broken latches to operating problems.  Most of these items are small and inexpensive to fix so it’s certainly not a reason to replace the entire window.

With common parts in stock, our experienced glaziers can often mend your window in the same day.  If a part needs to be ordered, we’ll get it shipped and book the repair at your convenience.

Window replacementWindow Repair Portland

If your windows have more serious problems, contact us for a free estimate.  We’ll come to your home or business to diagnose the issue and let you know whether replacement or repair is the better option.

Sierra Glass is an authorized Cascade Window dealer and their WinPro Series is our best-selling residential window.

Available in custom sizes and many colors, these energy efficient windows not only look great but are a tremendous value.

Sliding glass door repair

Your sliding glass patio door is in constant use, so it shouldn’t be too surprising if something occasionally breaks.  While sliding doors are expensive, the good news is that most fixes are affordable and can be done quickly.

Common door parts are kept in stock and if we don’t have the part needed, we’ll order it and schedule the repair to be completed as soon as it arrives.

Contact the glass experts at Sierra Glass in Hillsboro to take care of all your window-related problems.

Sep 18, 2018