Make Life Easier-Install An In The Glass Dog Door

Portland Doggie DoorsYour pets are part of the family so wouldn’t it be nice if they could have the freedom to go outside when nature calls or when they just need to burn off extra energy?

Of course, there’s other things to consider when installing a doggie door, such as where to put it or how secure it is.

Maybe your current pet door has not performed as well as you would like but you don’t know where to go for a better one. Well, we’ve got great news.

Sierra Glass is an authorized Security Boss dog door dealer and installer.  The Security Boss dog door is one of the highest  quality products on the market and features the following.

  • Impact resistance means it’s more durable
  • Unequaled security so you can feel safe
  • Best sealing flaps to keep bugs out
  • Superior insulation to prevent energy loss

Security Boss MaxSeal In The Glass Dog Door

Many of you may not know that Security Boss makes a MaxSeal pet door that is specially made with a low profile so that it can be installed in a sliding glass door or any glass door with a special model made to fit French doors. With so many homes having a glass back door, this MaxSeal in the glass dog door (also called a sliding glass pet door) is the perfect solution.

Available in 10 different colors and 10 sizes to fit all sized dogs and cats, it’s the only insulated security panel pet door on the market. It’s easy, 1-hand operation with anti-slam design keeps the panel from falling into place and possibly, damaging the frame.

With a Limited Lifetime Warranty, the Security Boss MaxSeal is high quality and completely rust resistant.

MaxSeal pet door features make it the best

Designed to last and constructed of the absolute best materials, Security Boss pet doors delivers the top insulating and most secure pet door on the market. Here’s the features that makes it superior to other doggie doors.


  • Constructed with low temperature PVC that self-extinguishes when exposed to flame
  • UV protected to prevent discoloration, brittleness or cracking
  • Embedded nylon reinforcement to increase strengthPortland Dog Doors
  • Treated to prevent shrinking when it’s extremely cold
  • Stainless steel strikes riveted to flap makes strong contact with Alnico magnets for secure closure
  • Easy maintenance and replacement (access by thumbscrews)


  • 1 ½” Alnico magnets meet steel strikes on flap for secure closure
  • Many magnets located on sides and bottom of flap
  • Staggered placement in the dual flap delivers better barriers from outside elements
  • Optional high wind Neo Magnets for those with exceptionally windy conditions

Pile Brush Weather Stripping

  • Dense brush lines entire flap perimeter (between magnets) for draft-proof seal
  • Brush weather stripping is replaceable/maintainable for life of your door


  • Strongest frame in the current pet door industry
  • Constructed out of 6063 extruded aluminum (0.70-0.90 thick)
  • Available in 10 powder-coated color finishes (variety of white, brown, gray and black)

Security Locking Panel

  • 1/2” insulated composite security panel
  • Composite design means it’s impact resistant and stronger than other doors on the market
  • In The Glass Doggie DoorCompression rivets give panel more integrity and enhance proper closing when locking into place
  • You decide the load direction-top, left or right

Single vs. dual flap pet door

We recommend the dual flap model when the pet door leads directly outside or to an unheated garage.

The single flap is ok if the door goes from one room inside the house to another or leads from a porch to the outside.

You do need to remember that a pet door is an open access to the outside so many people choose the dual flap (regardless of its location) because it has better insulation/seal and offers more security than the single flap.

A dual flap door can also save you money by protecting you from energy loss. The air barrier that’s created by the 2 layers provides a natural insulation buffer with the magnets providing a tight seal.

If you live out on the coast or another area with lots of high wind, you can get extra strong magnets to replace the existing magnets to keep the wind from blowing open the flap.

Free estimates on dog door installation

Sierra Glass is an authorized Security Boss pet door dealer and offers professional installation of all models of their dog doors. Our most popular are the in the glass MaxSeal model as most Portland area homes seem to have either a sliding glass door or some other type of glass door that goes out into their backyard.

Contact us today to get your free estimate-your pet will thank you.

Aug 31, 2017