Helping You Understand Window Styles In Your Portland Home

Bay window styleOur last post was a glossary of window-related terms to help Portland Oregon homeowners better understand information as they were researching for window replacements and/or window repair.

This post will explain the different window styles so you can make better choices as you contemplate window replacement.

Some of these window styles are not very common though older homes and custom-built homes often have a larger variety of window types.

Most houses have a mixture so you’ll probably recognize several of these in your own home.

Residential window styles

Bay window (pictured at the top of this post) is where a structure protrudes from the side of the house with the walls extending all the way to the ground. It has at least 3 sides with a window on each side.

Bow window is like a bay window but the wall projecting from the house is curved instead of straight and there are usually 5 windows to a unit.

Box head window has a sash that slides vertically into the wall (like pocket doors sometimes found in older homes).

Cameo window is a round or oval fixed window (fixed means it doesn’t open/close).

Casement window has hinges on each side so it will open either out or in and sometimes is operated with a crank. These are often used in basements.

Chicago window is a large fixed rectangular window with a narrow window on each side that’s as tall as the main window though the narrow windows open and the main does not. It can be part of a bay window.

Portland Window Installation

Clerestory is a window or set of windows that is set on the upper part of a high ceiling. It’s also been used to describe windows in a church’s gable or nave.

Colonial window is a single or double-hung window with multiple panes in the colonial style (hence the name).

Coupled window is exactly what you think-2 windows with a mullion between them.

Diocletian window is a semi-circular window set divided into 3 sections by mullions.

Dormer window rises vertically from a sloping roof.

Double-hung window has 2 over-and-under sashes that slide up and down.

Eyebrow window is a bottom-hinged, semi-circular window that (like a dormer window) rises vertically from a sloping rooftop.

Fanlight is a semi-circular window above another window or a door that has metal bars spreading from the center like a fan.Portland Oregon Window Styles

French windows really refer to what most people call French doors. They are 2 door-sized casement windows which open from the center and quite often have multiple panes of glass or even decorative glass.

Gothic-head window is an arch window that’s pointed at the top instead of curved.

Guillotine window is an older version of the double-sash window. Only the bottom portion opens and wood pegs are used to hold the window open instead of the counterweights on the newer models.

Lancet window is like a Gothic-head window but has diamond-shaped panes.

Louvered window (also called Jalousie) has several glass, wood or metal slats that function as one so they open together like shutters. A lever or crank is used to open the slats to the preferred angle.

Oriel window is like a bay window in that it protrudes from the outside of the house but it does not extend to the ground; instead, the bottom curves back to the wall.

Palladian windows are mostly used when you have high ceilings or by open staircases. It’s a set of 3 windows with the center window being tall and arched and 2 identical rectangular windows (1 on each side)-all matching each other in design.

Picture window is a big fixed window (fixed means it doesn’t open).

Pivot windows open (usually horizontally) by pivot points on the sash and frame so the window can be tilted inward to make cleaning the outside of the window much easier.

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Quarrel is a pair of diamond-shaped window panes.

Queene Anne window is made up of windowpanes of different sizes. What you’ll usually see is the upper sash with several windowpanes while the lower sash is 1 windowpane.

Single-hung window has 2 sashes with the top one being stationary and the bottom being able to open and close.

Slider window may seem self-explanatory but the sashes are side by side so the window open/closes horizontally.

Solid frame window is simply a window where the frame is cut from 1 piece of wood.

Splayed window is where the window is set at an angle to the wall.

Stacked windows is a mix of multiple types of opening styles in 1 unit.

Keep in mind that even if you have a specific type of window, we can replace it with another style.  It’s more difficult and costly to change the size of the window as it will need to be re-framed though it can be done. For the best results, talk with an experienced glass company about it window replacement.

Sierra Glass gives free estimates if you live in the Portland Oregon metro area so contact us to discuss window replacement for your home or business.  We even travel to the northern Oregon coast and work in the Seaside area down to Lincoln City.

Sep 8, 2017