Help With Winter Projects In Your Portland Oregon Home-Part 2

Thanks for reading Part 2 of our Winter Projects and please call if you have any questions about our services.

Glass and mirror replacement in your home

Don’t throw out furniture when the glass breaks.  Sierra keeps several kinds of glass on hand and can replace most glass at the fraction of the cost of replacing it.

Glass tabletops and desks

Winter Glass ProjectsWe carry clear, patterned, bronze or gray glass with polished, beveled or ground edgework for tabletops, desks, end tables or any other furniture with a glass top you may have.

Cabinet or door glass

Whether it’s glass doors on your kitchen cabinets, china hutch, antique buffet or your front door, we carry door glass in clear and a variety of custom patterns and colors.

Mirrors of all shapes and sizes

Breaking a mirror is bad luck so maybe fixing one brings good luck?! Sierra can replace any shape mirror (ovals, circles, squares, rectangles) in your home with your choice of edge polishing or grinding, bevels or custom etching.

Our “J” metal comes in many finishes so you can pick one that matches the other fixtures in your home.

Fireplace glass doors

We stock Pyro-Ceram for quick fireplace door glass replacement. Pyro-Ceram is a heat resistant glass ceramic (tempered glass) that tolerates extremely high temperatures making it safe for using on fireplaces as well as gas, wood and pellet stoves.

Convenience of doggie doors

Doggie Door Needed

Don’t forget about your pets-they’re important members of the family.

If you don’t already have a doggie door, maybe it’s time to put one in so they can go out and “do their business” when nature calls.

If your current dog door is leaking or in bad shape, give us a call for an estimate on replacing it with a door that’s more secure.

As an authorized Security Boss pet door dealer, our most popular model has a low profile and can be installed through glass so even if you have a sliding glass door, it’s no problem.

Plus, you can get a screen door and/or a protective rain guard so water doesn’t get inside-now that’s a handy feature for the Northwest.  Visit our Dog Door page for more information.

Free estimates

So, when the weather keeps you inside, use that time for home improvements and contact Sierra Glass for your free estimate. It’ll feel good to mark one more thing off your list.

Oct 15, 2018