Having trouble finding a sliding glass pet door for your Portland home?

Portland Oregon Dog DoorsSierra Glass has the answer with “in-the-glass” MaxSeal® pet door from Security Boss.

Their sliding glass pet door is exactly what you’ve been looking for as it offers the same durable construction as traditional dog doors made to go through walls and doors.

What makes these different is that they have a low profile to fit sliding glass doors, which allows the door to operate with no interference.

After all, doesn’t  your dog or cat deserve the best?

What makes MaxSeal® Pet Doors better?

They have the only insulated security panel on the market and come with a Limited Lifetime Warranty.  In addition, they’re made in the USA using only the highest quality materials which means they are built to last.

They come in 10 sizes to fit all pets though you can order a custom size if one of their standard sizes doesn’t fit your pet(s).

Features that make MaxSeal® Pet Doors superior to others

  • Impact-resistant insulated security panels offers strongest protection and security
  • Dead-bolt locking pin for maximum security
  • Low-profile designer fold-down handle
  • Anti-slam design keeps panel from damaging frame when it fallsPortland Oregon Dog Door
  • Nylon reinforced flaps for strength
  • UV resistant flaps will not crack, yellow or shrink when exposed to sunlight
  • Flaps attach with easy thumb-screw (no dis-assembly required)
  • Magnetic closure with steel alnico magnets
  • Optional high wind magnets guarantee your flap will stay put on the windiest of days
  • Precision rivet aligned steel strike plates (won’t fall off like crimped versions)
  • Insulating high-density brush pile seals
  • Perfect sealing flap every time

 Professional installation by Sierra Glass

Installation of a pet door into a sliding glass door is best done by a skilled glazier who has experience working with glass of all types as cutting the glass and/or removing a glass panel take skill.

An inexperienced person may injure themselves and/or cause damage to the sliding glass door during the install, which could be expensive to fix.Security Boss MaxSeal doggie doors

Sierra Glass is an authorized Security Boss Pet Door dealer and qualified to install all models of their pet doors in Portland Oregon and the surrounding area.  We even travel to the coast to do work.

Pet screen doors available too

Security Boss even makes a pet door that works with screens for those warm days when you want your slider open to let in a cool breeze but need your screen shut so the bugs stay outside.
Security Boss sliding glass dog door

  • Bug-proof seal as the opening is lined with replaceable heavy density brush pile weather stripping
  • Internal magnets on the base of the swinging flap means the pile brush completely lines the door to keep bugs out & ensures silent action
  • Internal pivot pins have brass bushings with steel pivot pins for smooth action
  • Heavy duty aluminum frame will not crack and is powder coated to withstand harsh weather
  • Screen is made from Textilene Super Pet Screen® which is material resistant to clawing, scratches & tearing.

Doggie doors for French doors

Security Boss even makes a dog door for French doors so you can keep the doors you love so much and still give your dog (or cat) the independence to go when nature calls!

How does it work? 1 or more panes of glass are removed to make room for the pet door and each doggie door is custom made so it fits the opening of your door.

You can even enlarge the opening by cutting into the door frame though if you do that, you’ll have problems if you ever decide to remove the pet door as you won’t be able to simply replace the glass pane(s) and return the door to its previous state.

For this reason, we suggest not cutting into the door frame so you’ll always have the option to remove it if you sell the house or move.

While we call them doggie doors, we realize cats and other types of pets use them too so whatever type of pets you have, the MaxSeal® sliding glass pet door will give them the freedom to go outside when they want.

Contact Sierra Glass for your free estimate on a sliding glass pet door.

Aug 31, 2017