Cascade Windows Offers Portland Homeowners Many Choices

Whether you’re replacing some or all the windows in your Portland Oregon home, Sierra Glass in Hillsboro can help.  As an authorized dealer for Cascade Windows, we’ll answer all your questions as we help you pick the best windows for your home and budget.

Best selling WinPro Series offers incredible value

With a sleek contemporary look and dependable performance, the WinPro line is a great value for those on a budget, which explains why most of our customers prefer this line of windows.

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Featuring a compression cam-lock, their energy efficiency makes them a smart choice for the Pacific NW climate.

Cascade Series is top-notch

The Cascade Series are a premium line of windows with innovative design and structural integrity.

These beautiful windows have a modern style fused with functionality that include a nesting handle and auto-lock features.

What is Cascade u-Value?

One of the distinguishing factors in any window is the energy efficiency of the glass.  U-values measure the rate at which heat transfers through the glass.  The lower the u-value, the lower the heat loss, which means your home is better insulated.

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For example, a u-value of .22 means the window is more efficient than one rated as .40.

Cascade Windows has specially coated EC and EC+ glass that reflect outside heat in the summer and interior heat in the winter.

This means Portland homeowners will save money on their air conditioning and heating bills throughout the year.

When replacing windows, make sure to check the u-values as these savings can really add up over the lifetime of your windows.

Advantages of Glass Coatings

The following glass coatings are options when ordering windows or patio doors from the WinPro or Cascade Series.

EC = Dual Coat Internal Low-E

High performance internal Low-E has more visual light transmittance (meaning it doesn’t obstruct your view).

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EC+ = Triple Coat Internal Low-E

It was created to cast off the sun’s heat without affecting your view, which means it lets in more light while helping to keep the heat out.

EC/EC Advanced = Dual Low-E

High performance internal Low-E combined with 4th surface Low-E.

EC+/EC Advanced = Dual Low-E, Triple Coat Internal Low-E with 4th surface Low-E

The absolute best combination for low solar heat gain with the maximum reduction in u-value.

Dual Pane Glass

Cascade’s Warm Edge Spacer reduces condensation, reduces heat loss/gain through the glass and greatly increases the integrity of the insulated glass unit’s seal.

3 Interior vinyl colors

  • White
  • Almond
  • Clay

Portland Oregon Windows13 Exterior paint colors

  • Light neutral options: Cream, Beige, Tan, Silver, Grey
  • Medium options: Med Brown, Olive, Red
  • Dark options: Forest, Dark brown, Bronze, Green, Black

Patio door features

Available in the same colors as their windows, these glass patio doors will give you years of smooth operation.  With energy saving features, they come in 2, 3 or 4 panel configurations with custom sizes available.

Free estimate for window installation

Contact Vince at Sierra Glass to schedule your free estimate for window installation in the Portland area.  In addition to providing service to the entire Portland metro area, Sierra Glass also travels to the coast to work in communities from Seaside to Lincoln City.

Jul 30, 2018